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EndeavourPersimmon & Co. Inc has been proudly services professional architecture, permitting, and construction in the greater San Marcos and Houston areas for many years. Our licensed architect has years of archictectural expreience working on many architectural projects from designing residential homes to architectural work on larger commercial projects.At Persimmon & Co, personalized customer service always comes first. Our architect always take the time to listen to their customers ensuring that they fully understand ther vision for their upcoming project. From there, and based on the architect's clients needs, our architect makes recommendations and offer advice as required to make sure the architectural project is sound and can be well executed. At Persimmon & Co. Inc, we believe that our customers know best when it comes to their own environment and our architect does not pretend to "know better" and offers a plan that does not suit their situation or needs.

We understand how daunting a building project can be. Whether you are considering a brand new home or simply erecting a garage next to your existing one, designing a sound architectural plan for your construction is of vital importance. At Persimmon & Co. inc, we understand that not everyone is an architect or a construction expert. This is why we strive to provide architectural and construction services to anyone requiring help designing and building the structure of their dreams. if you live in the greater San Marcos or Houston area, Persimmon & Co. is your architecture and construction company of choice, no matter how big or small your project is. If you are planning to design a new building or simply need some advice from qualified architects that live in the greater San Marcos and Houston area, give Persimmon & Co. Inc. a call today. We will be happy to offer you more information and set up an appointment with our architect so that you can get your architectural project completed in no time.

Here are only a few of the many archtectural services that Persimmon & Co. Inc can offer you if you live in the greater Houston and San Marcos areas. Please do not hesitate to call us or visit our office if you require help with a project that is not listed here.


Persimmon & Co. Inc offers residential architecture and design services. Our licensed architect will quickly and expertly draft realistic and sound construction drawings to fit almost any budget and dream. We handle every step of the design from evaluating space and location to drafting blueprints according to your residential vision and needs. Your architect will work with you every step of the way so that you know exactly what to expect before contruction begins.


If you own a business in the greater San Marcos or Houston area, or are planning on buying some office space for a new or expanding business, our architect will be happy to help you make the best of your new space. We can quickly and efficiently optimize your office space to help increase productivity and the efficiency of your staff and business operations. Our architect will speak with you to determine your needs based on the number of employees utilizing the space, your daily activities, and office equipment.


Persimmon & Co. Inc offers contruction services. Our contractor will work with you to build your project provided you have pre-made blueprints. We will price the project for you as well as provide all of the equipment necessary to carry out your project. We ensure your project is completed in an efficient, effective, and timely manner.


If you already own a residential home or business office in the San Marcos or Houston area and would like to spruce it up a bit or give it a completely new look, Persimmon & Co. Inc can help. Our architect has years of experience in making the most of your space, basing their design on your existing furniture, window treatments, and color scheme. If a complete makeover is what your are looking for, they will happily offer their input and suggestions on what colors and styles will work best in your environment and based on your tastes and preferences.

No project is too big or small, so give Persimmon & Co, Inc a call today for more information!

If you are not sure exactly what architectural services you are in need of, or are completely lost as to where to start, do not hesitate to call or visit our office today! We will be more that happy to listen to your ideas and needs and offer you our professional opinion. Whatever the size of your architectural project or budget, we will be able to help. So stop dreaming and start seeing! Let us help you bring your architectural project come to life!

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  • Phone Number - (512) 393-2018
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  • Phone Number - (713) 489-4089


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